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  • Magee High School Library
  • Our Goal
    It is the goal of the library media center to assist the school's mission in fostering and educating a community of life-long learners. The Magee High School library media center supports the teaching/learning process by providing access to both print and leisure reading in the completely automated circulating collection which is supported by Book Systems software. Four public computers allow library patrons to connect to numerous research· databases provided by Magnolia. Also, computer programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as the Internet are available for school· and research purposes. A networked laser printer is available for school purposes. The library houses a computer lab consisting of 24 computers for classroom use, and a conference room, containing the magazine collection, is available to both students and faculty. The magazine collection consists of a variety of educational, news, and leisure selections. The school's audio/visual equipment is located in the library available for circulation to the teachers and staff.
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